May 17, 2008

So, a few of us met tonight and did a lot of talking about where this project is going. We discussed our long term visions of the group becoming an edible landscaping guild that works on peoples homes as a non profit (or for profit) business. Having a subscription or membership fee that goes towards projects was also mentioned as a way to invest folks in the project. We also realized that our visions are high-bar and that most of us don’t know where we will be in 2 years, but wanted to take the baby steps towards developing the group more. We think that sticking to our original vision of hosting workshops, tours, events and projects is the best way to reach out and become better known and to gain experience. We brainstormed possible summer/fall events and assigned them possible time frames. This is a great space to brainstorm more possible things that we could host!!! Use the comment area!!! :0)

Here’s what we have so far:

Early june: tour of 2 of Hburgs finest urban gardens and a small work project

mid-late June: Video: The Synergistic Gardener

July: Home style chicken coop/ Radical Roots tour

August: Fall Apple Cider Fest

September: Permanent(but movable) window boxes

October: Canning workshop

Others: Intro to Permaculture Panel/ Roundtable, Stucco workday @ Radical Roots

Like I said, let us know what you are thinking, even if you want to install an herb garden and need help. You could turn it into a workshop and learn a bunch and then pass on the knowledge to the rest of us!


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