We are a group of H-burgers dedicated to the advancement of urban Permaculture (PC) strategies. We do this by facilitating workshops, tours, events and projects.  We bring together people with various experiences with the mindset of spreading PC, urban food production and a greter sense of community.

We are using this space to inform, describe, promote and interact. Feel free to do what you gotta do to express yourself!

2 Responses to “The HPUG Vision”

  1. Mary Gatling said

    Hey there!

    Just wanted to see if I can be added to the mailing list from here. If not, I’ll keep trying.


  2. marsha said

    I am highly interested in what you all are doing, and I want to get involved! What’s the next step for me to get started and learn to be a part of it?

    Thanks :),

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